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School Sports Groups & Excursions

Roller-Skating is an energetic and healthy activity for all ages.


But, best of all - its a ton of fun!

School fun on wheels!

With just a little practice, and perseverance, even those who have never previously skated can be up and rolling in next to no time. Thats what makes roller-skating a perfect activity for School Groups, particularly as individuals can set their own pace whilst still participating in a group activity.

At Rollerama we make it simple and easy for school co-ordinators. You just have to get your group to the venue, and we take care of the rest. Our rink can comfortably, and safely accommodate up to 150 skates and we have trained blue card certified staff to coach beginners and supervise the entire event.

Our 'Skate Stars' programme is a learning programme designed to introduce non-skater to the beginners process through to the intermediate level of competent skating. This is an 8 week programme with a certificate of attainment awarded at the conclusion of the term.


Skate hire is included in the fee. 'Skate Mates' which are wheeled, learner support frames are also available, as are safety helmets, elbow and knee pads, at no additional cost.

Rollerama has ample space with plenty of tables and chairs for skaters to take a break or enjoy their lunch. Toilet facilities to cater for large groups are adjacent. There is ample bus and coach parking.

As all good educators know the promise of reward is a great incentive for dedication. Our excursion events are designed for just that. A fun-filled 2 hour event with great 'pumped up' music presented by our resident DJ, plus games and competitions with prize giveaways. All on wheels! Perfect for end of term, and also as a finale to our school sports programme.

Contact our School Group Co-ordinator now:

Amanda Otto


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